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    • SM-7500 Water-base Multi-Function Cleaning machine

    • SM-3000 Pneumatic PCB V-CUT Separator

    • SM-60 Nozzle Cleaning machine

    • SM-8400N Wave solder pallets cleaning machine

    • SM-8800 In-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

    • SM-5600 off-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

    About Us

    SAM was founded in 2005, A professional company specializing in R&D,manufacturing Precision Cleaning Equipment (PCB/ PCBA/ Stencil/ Condenser/ Fixture/ Squeegee/ Nozzle/ IC-Substrate/ CMOS/ Semiconductor) ,Waste Water Treatment Equipment,Laser Cutting/Marking


    SAM participates in the 2020 munich shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition

    From July 3-5, 2020, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, Munich Shanghai Electronic Production equipment Exhibition, SAM exhibition in line PCBA cleaning machine, stencil cleaning machine, centrifugal cleaning machine, fixture cleaning machine, etc        

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    SAM Products and Services are good, We worked together for a long time.


    SAM Products and Services are good

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    Add: 1 Floor, 13 Building, HongFa Industrial Park, Tangtou Road 91, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China


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