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    • SM-7500 Water-base Multi-Function Cleaning machine

    • SM-3000 Pneumatic PCB V-CUT Separator

    • SM-60 Nozzle Cleaning machine

    • SM-8400N Wave solder pallets cleaning machine

    • SM-8800 In-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

    • SM-5600 off-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

    About Us

    SAM was founded in 2005, A professional company specializing in R&D,manufacturing Precision Cleaning Equipment (PCB/ PCBA/ Stencil/ Condenser/ Fixture/ Squeegee/ Nozzle/ IC-Substrate/ CMOS/ Semiconductor) ,Waste Water Treatment Equipment,Laser Cutting/Marking


    Won the “SMT China Vision Award”

    Shenzhen Sam Electronic Equipment Co。, Ltd。 won the “Vision Awards” at the 14th Vision Awards Presentation Ceremony。   (”SMT China Vision Award” is the only certified international honor in China’s electronics manufacturing industry)  

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    SAM Products and Services are good, We worked together for a long time.


    SAM Products and Services are good

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    Add: 1 Floor, 13 Building, HongFa Industrial Park, Tangtou Road 91, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China


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